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Jean Claude Madhero was born in Martinique, lived in Paris for a few years and has been a UK resident for over 15 years. Living and performing in London till this present day. He is one example of a number of artists who chose perform freely and independently outside the normal protocol of  commercial institutions. Outside of any organised environment, whether a theatre or place of workshop.
       His music is based on Latin American, Afro-Cuba no and French influences woven together seamlessly by Jean Claude Madhero. This mix of cultures and an original personality gives him a unique and unforgettable artistic style. Jean Claude Madhero seeks to champion this unique sound, Creole music, using it as inspiration to create new and original cabaret style performances. The music and lyrics, his own compositions linger in the imaginations of his audiences long after they are heard. Jean Claude Madhero performs successfully on stage as an individual artist and also in fusion music with many other artists.
       His artistic life including experience performing in France, Poland, Holland and England. His music is received well and is tangible to people of all tastes and cultures. Jean Claude Madhero became significant personality of the independent music scene in London as an artist, he has inspired many photographers and film creators. His photos and image became part of well-known artistic collaboration between music, movie and art
       Jean Claude Madhero over the last 20 years has developed incontrovertible position as a music performer